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Here at Worcester Powder Coating, we pride ourselves on our excellent quality, efficiency and passion for our trade, which has enabled us to develop some excellent working relationships with many leading businesses and companies across England and the United Kingdom.

We offer a wide variety of services, including: standard powder coating, shot/sand/glass blasting, a variety of primers, car restoration, chemical stripping, architectural coating, hot zinc spraying and more.

Some companies we have carried out work for

Mazak Jaguar Cars Landrover Cars Caterpillar JCB

We have carried out Class A, B & C work for leading manufacturers JCB, Jaguar and Land Rover, Caterpillar, using different processes and pre-treatments, such as iron phosphate, which provides a more wear-resistant finish and barrier against oxidation, resulting in longevity to the powder coating and a cleaner, smoother finish. We have also had great success in powder coating machine parts for companies like Mazak. The preparation and processes used have allowed us to enjoy long-lasting success with these companies.

Through another of our brilliant customers, we prepare and powder coat a wide variety of approved street lights for different councils across the country. During the last few years, we have coated lights which can now be seen throughout Kent, Dublin, Brighton, Derby, Dover and Welwyn Garden City.

Some of the places you can see our work

Excel Arena London Etihad Stadium Manchester Wembley Stadium London NEC Arena Allianz Arena Stadium

Another of our long standing partnerships has allowed us to prepare and powder coat furniture for a huge variety of landmarks, sporting venues, exhibition venues and airports around the UK. We have supplied top quality furniture to many European Champions League football stadiums, including Wembley, The Etihad, Old Trafford, Allianz Arena and more, as well as to venues like Excel, the NEC Arena and Hyde Park.

For one of our biggest customers, we have a big contract for Class A furniture in America. For this process, we will be using our newest addition, the hot zinc spraying machine, before using a barrier primer and powder coat to ensure a durable, long-lasting and excellent finish. The zinc thermal spray provides corrosion resistance and can be seen to battle all weather extremities. For more information, visit our Hot Zinc Spraying page.

Our architectural coating has been very popular, and through our customers we have coated and supplied architectural ceiling tiles for a variety of airports including Gatwick, Heathrow and Bristol. We have also architecturally coated panelling for the London Underground and a variety of construction businesses, coating products such as windows, doors and outer building fascia. This ensures superior durability and is therefore perfect for outdoor and building use. Our architectural powder coating system and powders are all fully approved and used across the country.

We have also completed a wide variety of automotive work, such as truck systems, arms and chassis’ for a variety of different motor vehicles and ramp systems to a very high quality. We offer a full car restoration process which has been hugely popular with many of our customers. Our pyrolysis oven is used to strip all paint from the car or product, which then allows the restoration period to begin and ensures a much better final finish.

Lots of our biggest contractual work is for the government, and we also coat parts for CO2 containers for MOD chassis for the navy.

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