Thermal Zinc Spraying

At Worcester Powder Coating, we aim to provide the best possible service we can in all areas of our service. The latest addition to our services is our thermal hot Zinc Spray, which is used to protect and greatly extend the life of a wide variety of products in the most hostile of environments. After much research and planning, we decided to opt for the purchase of the thermal hot zinc spray, as it provides an excellent key for the powder to adhere to, assisting in the long term durability of the outer coating.

What is Thermal Zinc Spraying?

Should any powder coating damage, the zinc spray protects the base metal and prevents any rusting. The combination of thermal zinc spray with powder coating provides a robust and hard wearing finish.

Before the thermal hot zinc spray process can take place, all surfaces are shot blasted to ensure the surface area is ready to accept the metal sprayed particles, ensuring it is fully coated and ready to do its job. One of the main advantages of the zinc metal spray is that there is no heat distortion of the product, which is why we believe it is a better option than galvanising. There is no chance of uneven finishes with the thermal hot zinc spray, which can sometimes be a problem with galvanising, and there is also no limit on the size of the product that is being sprayed with the thermal hot zinc.

We have purchased this as we believe we can now offer anti corrosion protective pre-treatment on all outdoor products and products which require a hardwearing and robust finish. This means that moving forward, we can ensure that products going through this process will be rust free for years to come, with an extremely high quality coating and superb finish.

This has been an excellent way of ensuring that our outdoor furniture, which has been prepared coated and sent to America, London, Bristol, Brighton and more, is guaranteed to be robust, high quality and last a very long time.

We have also used the thermal hot zinc to protect railings, garden furniture and appliances, barriers, signposts and more, which has allowed us to be confident that every single product coated is guaranteed to last and withstand all weather conditions, regardless of the environment.

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